The Erotic Adventures of Jane in the Jungle

Inspired by the stories of Tarzan and Jane, this creative, edgy, and yet romantically erotic series of novellas follows Jane Clemons and her explicit, titillating adventures in the jungle with Tarzan and others. Jane's playmates are sexy, dark, sensual and some of them have a tendency toward BDSM.

book cover of Envied: Jane's Decision

Envied Episode X

Jane in the Jungle: Entwined by Colette Gale

Entwined Part I (A Novella)

Entangled by Colette Gale

Entangled Part II (A Novella)

Enthralled by Colette Gale

Enthralled Part III (A Novella)

Enticed by Colette Gale

Enticed Part IV (A Novella)

Enamored by Colette Gale

Enamored Part V (A Novella)

Enslaved by Colette Gale

Enslaved Part VI (A Novella)

Enraptured Part VII (A Novella)

Enchanted Episode VIII

Ensorcelled Episode IX

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